Cant Google Everything: DIY No Sew Quiet Book Ideas!

Jun 19, 2014

DIY No Sew Quiet Book Ideas!

Before we went to Florida on vacation last month I really wanted to make a quiet book for Carter to play with on the plane.  I searched pinterest for ideas and found a multitude of beautifully crafted quiet book page ideas.  The only problem was that all these quiet book ideas required a lot of sewing, and I do not own a sewing machine (not to mention I don't know how to sew in the first place)!

I decided I could make the quiet book another way- using a glue gun!  And guess what?  It worked out really well!  Here is what my completed, 10 pages looks like:

The blank pages are the front and back covers.  Before I go into details about each page, I have a few extra thoughts/tips to share!
  • I used Velcro for a lot of the pieces so they could be moved around.  I would highly recommend hot gluing the velcro down, as the sticky backs on the velcro pieces didn't stick well enough to the felt to be sturdy.  Before we use this book again I am going to go through and hot glue all the velcro I didn't do the first time!
  • On the other hand, the pre-cut felt animals I found at the craft store do stick very well, so if I make another book like this in the future I will be sure to use more of those!  Especially for things like letters and numbers, which are pretty hard to cut out!
  • To put the book together I poked holes in the felt and threaded a piece of string through each hole.  I tied it loosely so the pages would be able to turn.  I'm sure there is a better way to do this, which I will experiment with on future books!
And now on to the pages!  Today I am sharing 5 pages!

Happy Face Page: this was the first page I made, and admittedly not my best work!  The face pieces all have velcro on them so they can be moved around.  In the future I would like to make more face shapes to mix around for all kinds of facial expressions!

Zipper and Button Page:  I hot glued down the zipper.  For the buttons I strung them on a thick thread and hot glued the ends down.  Then I cut the hole in the blue felt pieces and strung the buttons through to make sure they fit.  I hot glued down one side so the flap can come up, making it easier to manipulate the buttons through their holes!  The string with extra buttons is just for decoration and moving them along the string.  The buttons are actually made of thick felt, not plastic buttons.

Puppy treats page:  This was one of my favorite pages that I made!  I found an outline of a puppy online and used it to trace out the puppy shape.  The treat box is only glued in on three sides so the treats can come out and you can "feed" the puppy some treats!

Caterpillar Colors page: This page is purely pinterest inspired and I got the idea from the blog And Next Comes L.  Her circles are a little rounder than mine, but the idea is there!  I used velcro dots to help keep on the caterpillar pieces.  Since I planned to use this on the plane ride to Florida, I didn't want to risk losing any pieces!  I drew the face on with silver metallic sharpie.

Airplane page:  For the airplane page I cut out little suitcase which can be moved around and "loaded" onto the airplane!  I might also add some birds that can fly around, too.  This page is pretty simple, but the airplane was actually hard to cut out and get the shape right!  I wish I had found an airplane shape to trace to make the wings a little more even.

Stay tuned next week for the other 5 pages!

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  1. Super cute, Rachel! Great job. :) There are also printable activity books if you're ever in a bind. I laminate the ones I print, and the kids use dry erase markers (I recommend Crayola washable dry erase markers). We've done Cars, Doc McStuffins, beach, and The Lego Movies ones. Check out,, and if you're interested.

  2. Super cute! perfect for some many things too - restaurants, church, in the car or plane!

  3. Very cute! I love the airplane page!


  4. No sew is right up my alley - thank you!!

  5. Well... I don't have kids but I want one for myself. Might get some strange looks by people flying next to us (and husband might change his seat) but cool idea!

  6. that is so awesome!! my best friend's daughter is constantly chewing and ripping up books and if i was crafty i would make this for her to eat to her heart's content :) lol

  7. This is super cute! Matter fact, Cassie chose to feature it at our next party. Woo Hoo! Pinned. Happy Saturday! Lou Lou Girls


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