Cant Google Everything: Triple Threat: Faux Leather!

Jan 9, 2014

Triple Threat: Faux Leather!

Welcome to another fun round of Triple Threat! Each month, Jacquelyn picks a theme and three bloggers create an outfit using that theme!  Anyone can link up their outfit with that theme as well.  This is my second month co-hosting and I am super excited!  This month's theme was faux leather.  I did not own one item with faux leather so I thought I'd hit up the mall and try to find an inexpensive piece for my post!

For some reason I had it mind it would be fun to find some sort of faux leather leggings or maybe some tuxedo kind of pants with a faux leather accent.  Well, what I learned was that I do not look good in faux leather leggings.  Not so much.  But, I did find a super comfy shirt with faux leather accents on the shoulder!

I went with my spiky triangle necklace because I feel like faux leather has an "edgy" look!

So the day I took these pictures was that day it was super cold (-19 with the wind chill or some ridiculous thing like that!) and I basically refused to go outside for any reason!  However, middle of the day lighting in my house did not allow me to take very many really good pictures.  After a lot of experimentation and way too many pictures I came up with these two cheese balls as my best outfit photos. 

 Hi.  I'm leaning on the wall because that's how you model outfits right?  I look smart and sassy all at once.  

Anyways- this shirt is my faux leather piece which I got from a random store at the mall.  Jeans are Jcrew and the necklace is from The Limited.  I have shoes on, too!  They are Nine West black pumps.

I took this picture 15 times.  I finally realized the camera was focusing on the middle of the windows so that's where I sat and finally it came into focus!  This shirt is super soft and I am looking forward to wearing it again!

I am thinking from this little experiment that I definitely need to take my photos outside from now on, or find a better place in my house to take them!  Maybe the guest room or the blank random wall at the top of the stairs will work better?

It's all about the fashion though, not the photography, so be sure to check out how the other ladies styled their faux leather outfits!

january faux leather

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  1. I love the top with that necklace! Very cute.

  2. That's a cute top!

    I'd love to have the faux leather detailed leggings but I know they would not look good on me at all.

  3. I love this shirt! I like the collar hem being faux leather too!

  4. Faux leather touches are my favorite- love this tee of yours!

    Thanks for swinging by the blog, doll! And thanks for letting me link up!

    Keep in touch!



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