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Oct 24, 2010

Shades of Blue: Halloween Costumes

Welcome to Shades of Blue! This week's theme is: Halloween Costumes!
Halloween costumes can run the gamot from sexy to funny to downright scary! But most girls on Halloween choose to go with sexy. After all, its the one time of the year you can wear whatever you want and get away with it! Tired of the same old blue cop outfit? Try out one of these other blue options!

Ahoy Sailor! Show of your love of blue as a sexy sailor.

School girl outfits can be found in almost any color nowadays! Here is a blue option! Ga-ga-oh lala!
Give me a cheer for blue!
Love baseball? You can be a blue (and red) baseball player!
The blue avatar costume will be all the rage this year!
This is one of my favorite blue costumes I saw this year. Alice in Wonderland.
(sexy version of course)
All costumes from
Also- dont forget to check out Stars Pink World for her pink picks on Halloween costumes.


  1. Blue is my favorite color, and baseball my favorite sport. So can you guess which outfit is my favorite? LOL

  2. I love the Alice In Wonderland one and the baseball one!

  3. I am kinda liking the blue Sailor girl. Of course, I would never have the guts to wear that out but I do like it. I'm still narrowing down my choices for this year. I'll decide soon.... : )


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