Sep 19, 2014

Toddler Activity: Sticky Paper Fall Tree!

In the past we've used contact paper for a few activities so I thought why not try making a tree for fall?!  Contact paper is such an easy way to do multiple activities!  You can cut it into shapes or just use a big rectangle.  Since Carter has done a snowman, Easter craft and other activities on the sticky paper, he knew exactly what to do!

This activity is perfect for fall and is so easy to set up!

Before taking off the backing, I drew the tree on the none-sticky side of the contact paper with a permanent marker.  Just for fun I wrote "tree" as well, which came out a little funny looking since I had to write it backwards!  I taped the sticky paper on the front door with some packing tape, which is hard to see since it's so bright outside!  I didn't want to tape it to the wall though, because I was worried the tape would mess up the paint.  I've tried it with painters tape in the past, but it doesn't hold as well and Carter can easily tear it down.

I set out the plastic container with fake leaves and Carter immediately knew what to do when he saw it.  We worked together to stick all the leaves up.  They didn't stay on very well, but that was okay because it gave us a chance to talk about "fall" and leaves falling off the trees.  Then I took out a roll of tape and we taped them back on.

We also went outside and gathered a few real leaves to add to our "tree," which Carter loved doing!  I hung our artwork up in the dining room so we can enjoy it all fall!

Want more?  Here are a few books about fall from amazon! 

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What other activities have you done on sticky (contact) paper?

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Sep 18, 2014

Blue Drapey Pants: Fall Style Week #3!

I am super excited to show off my new drapey cropped royal blue pants this week!  I love the look of these pants and can't wait to style them in different ways this fall!  Here is what I tried out for the first time I wore them.  I bought these pants at Old Navy, but they have them all over this fall!

Here are a few other ways I'd like to style them!  How would you style drapey pants?

drapey pants

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Sep 17, 2014

Real Moms, Real Fashion: Colleen!

Welcome to another edition of Real Moms, Real Fashion!  Real Moms, Real Fashion showcases different moms and their unique sense of style!  This week I interviewed Colleen who has two adorable little girls and is also one of my "real life" friends from college!  Colleen blogs about parenting over at Naturally Crafty Mom.

1. How do you define your style?

I like classic casual for when I am with my kids.  Florida is hot most of the year so shorts and a cute top.  For work I like really girly so I wear dresses a lot.  I have had to change how I dress after having kids because my body has changed so much with having 2 kids in such a short period of time.
2. What is your favorite outfit?
I love my green shorts they are a fun color without being too strange!  Lately I really love anything with navy and green. 
3. What store would you pick for an unlimited shopping spree?
I buy a lot of my stuff at Banana Republic because they have a lot of great cloths for both work and casual.  I find that I have a hard time giong on a shopping spree because I can only find one or two things that I like at a time but my favorite stores are Banana Republic, Loft, Ann Taylor and J. Crew.
4. How has your fashion changed since becoming a mom?
My body has changed a lot (some parts smaller and some parts larger) so I have had to accommodate that.  I also think I am more conservative in how I dress but at the same time I try to keep up with the fashions.  I am always going for that "wow, she's looks great for a mom of two" look and not the "frumpy mom jeans" look.
5. What advice would you give other moms on fashion?
Buy things to fit your current size instead of waiting to buy clothes when you reach a certain size.  Even with all of the weight lost a lot of moms will find that their old clothes fit differently, so buy new ones!!  I always feel good when I have on something that has a fantastic fit for my body type.

6. Where does your fashion inspiration come from?
My husband!  Sounds strange but he has great taste :).  I run pretty much everything by him because he knows what looks good on me and what works for our lifestyle. He also lets me have as many pairs of shoes as I want, so I know he is a keeper.

Thanks for the great interview Colleen!

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