Oct 24, 2014

How To Create Keyboard Shortcuts for Instagram Hashtags

Anyone who loves using hashtags on instagram knows the small annoyance of having to type each hashtag out every time you post a new photo!  And for those of you using 20+ hashtags that can take quite awhile.  But, don't worry, I have a quick and easy method for creating a short cut to load all your hashtags at once!  

All you have to do is create a keyboard shortcut on your iPhone!  Creating this shortcut will allow you to type in one word or combo of letters and all your hashtags for that shortcut will show up instantly, saving you a ton of time and hassle!  Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Open your Settings and click on General.  Scroll down and hit Keyboards, then Shortcuts.

 Step 2: Click the plus sign on the top right corner to add a new shortcut.

Step 3:  Enter all the hashtags you want for your shortcut in  "Phrase" and enter the word or letters you want to use as your shortcut.

Step 4: When you go into instagram (or Twitter, or anywhere you type text on your phone) type in your shortcut word and all the hashtags will show up!  All you have to type is your shortcut and boom!

So there you go!  All I had to type was "instafash" and all the hashtags I added to my shortcut showed up!  So, you can make shortcuts for all your common types of pictures you post on instagram!

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Oct 23, 2014

Fall Style: Chambray and Black

This weekend at the vineyard fall festival I had my friend take my outfit photo.  One thing about having someone else do it is that you mostly just end up laughing as her husband throws leaves in the air to make it more "fall" looking.  Next time I wear these boots I will try to get a side shot, because I think they are extra cute from the side!  I really love this outfit, I think it is perfect for fall!

Chambray Top: Jcrew (old) // Leggings: Express // Scarf: from another fall festival

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This link up takes place every Thursday this fall through the end of November! It is all about your fall style, no matter where you live, so any kinds of fall fashion related post are welcome. There are no rules, but please be nice and follow your host and co-hosts in any way you can! I can't wait to see what fall outfits everyone comes up with this week!

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Fall Style Link Up

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Oct 22, 2014

Mummy Tot Tray!

Halloween is getting close, but it's not too late to fit in a few more fun and easy Halloween crafts with the kids!  Try out these super easy mummies I came up with for a quick last minute activity with your toddler or preschooler!

 I wanted to come up with an activity that only used items I already had and was easy to set up.  All you need for this tot tray is construction paper, glue, a marker and toilet paper.

To prepare the tray I cut out people shapes from black construction paper and strips of toilet paper to make our mummies.  I used about 4 squares of toilet paper and just placed them on top of each other so I could cut a bunch at a time!

I set the tray out for Carter and told him it was time for an activity, which he was really excited about!  It was his first time using a glue stick so we spent some time talking about that and I showed him how to use it and how to place the paper on the glue.  We worked together on this activity.  Sometimes he stuck the paper on, and sometimes he showed me where to place it.  He was mostly interested in the glue stick!

After he was done I drew eyes on the mummies with a black marker and hung them on the dining room window (where we usually hang his artwork)!  He proudly showed them off to my friend who came over later that day!

This was a quick activity but fun!

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