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Mar 27, 2015

A Healthier Me Weeks 11 & 12: Healthier Drinking

Since I missed posting this last week I am just going to combine weeks 11 and 12 together into one post!  Last week I was going to compare some of my favorite alcohol drinks to see which ones were the healthier choice and this week I am sharing a "better for you" cocktails round up!
This whole journey is about being a healthier me, and with that comes making good choices about what I eat and drink.  Having said that, I don't plan to cut alcohol out of my diet altogether, but I can be more mindful of the nutrition facts of what I'm drinking!  For this comparison, I am going to chose 3 sets of drinks I enjoy to compare- wines, cocktails and ciders.
#1: Red Wine vs. White Wine

While I do enjoy all kinds of wine, my favorite is a light white wine.  My absolute favorite white is Reisling and my favorite red is Pinot Noir, so for this comparison let's look at those two!

A glass of Reisling has about 120 calories, 5.5 grams of carbs and no fat.  In contrast a glass of Pinot Noir has 122 calories and 3.4 grams of carbs. So... it's kind of toss up!  I think I still prefer white because many red wines have sulfates which I find give me a headache!

#2 Gin & Tonic vs. Parrot Bay & Juice

A gin and tonic has about 170 calories plus 15 grams of carbs (about 5% your daily intake!)  A shot of coconut rum has about 51 calories plus whatever juice you put in!  Generally I would mix it with orange juice and a splash of Sprite or ginger ale.  An 8 oz serving of orange juice has about 94 calories so together (and rounding up) that's about 150 calories!  The downside is that OJ is much higher in carbs, so you have to think about that balance.  This one seems like a toss up to me, so I'll just drink either or, and not worry too much about it!

#3 Strongbow Cider vs. Bud Lite Apple Rita

There are 189 calories in a can of Strongbow, 100% of which come from carbs (15 grams)!  The 12 oz bottle comes in at a little less, only 140 calories.  Bud Lite Apple Rita on the other hand comes in at an impressive 193 calories for an 8 oz can! This includes 22g of carbs, which makes this drink, my current favorite of all 6 of these, the clear loser here!

Overall I think all 6 drinks generally have about the same nutrition information, although the wine is the clear winner if you're counting calories.  Arguably, there are other health benefits to drinking wine as well (in moderation, of course).  However, my findings here aren't going to sway me from drinking any of these 6 favorites based on their calorie or carb count!

Which one do you think is best?

I've also compiled a fun round up with some "better for you" cocktails!  These cocktails are either low carb, low sugar or use fresh ingredients to make them slightly more healthy than normal!

Which one are you going to try first?!

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Mar 25, 2015

Netflix Madness: The Blacklist vs. American Horror Story

This month I am joining up with some fellow #StreamTeam bloggers for a little bit of "Netflix Madness!"  We are filling in our brackets with some of the most binge worthy shows this month and choosing our favorites!  So, whether you just aren't a basketball fan or you have already ripped up your bracket in defeat, join us in turning to Netflix for some binge-worthy shows!

My bracket is...

The Blacklist versus American Horror Story!
The Blacklist came highly recommended from a friend, but it's one of those shows I was unsure about getting into!  I wasn't sure if I would enjoy it because I didn't know much about it, which tends to be the case with me for new shows. My husband and I started watching The Blacklist together and it's great!  The show really sucks you into the plot and the characters, especially the main character Reddington (played by James Spader) are intriguing as well!  We aren't too far into the first season so there are still so many unanswered questions!  Who is Liz Keen's real father?  What's up with Tom Keen anyway?  And why the heck is Reddington so obsessed with her?  I'll have to keep watching this one to find out!


American Horror Story is an interesting show because each season takes place in a different location with a different plot and set of characters, although many of the actors are the same.  My husband and I recently watched the most recent season on TV and since then he has been binge watching older episodes on Netflix!  Although this show can really drag me in, I don't always like it because sometimes it can be kind of creepy or scary for my taste!

My pick: The Blacklist!

Have you seen these shows?  Which one gets your pick?  Vote in the comments below!

Be sure to check out the "brackets" from the other Stream Team members posts, too!

Disclosure: Netflix has provided me with products and services in exchange for participation in their #StreamTeam program

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Mar 24, 2015

Trash to Treasure: 5 Upcycled Kids Activities!

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Recently we've been trying to find small ways to make our lives healthier and just a little more green! Small changes to our daily life can add up to a lot!  I've learned that if you want to make a lifestyle change every little bit counts and you don't need to feel like you have to do everything at once!  Making smalls changes such as using greener products, buying organic and finding ways to reuse/recycle are all helpful!

Trash to Treasure: 5 Upcycled Kids Activities!
It's easy to find ways to reuse and upcycle everyday household items.  Normally we might think of these things as trash, but a lot of things that are trash can also be turned into treasures you can use for your kids activities!  Here are 5 everyday item's that I've upcycled recently!

1. Egg cartons: cut them up to use as paint trays for your kids next art project!  I cut them into three trays and we use the lid for our paint projects, too!  There are a ton of other crafts you can do with egg cartons- make egg carton animals, use them to plant mini garden or for a sorting game!

2. Upcycle Food Containers: I've been saving food containers for my son to use in his play kitchen!  He pretends to mix, pour and even serves me "food."  Just be sure to clean then first!

3. Turn a milk jug into a toy! I created a tiny play garage for my son's cars out of a milk jug.  Just wash the jug out, let it dry and cut out of the sides for an opening.  Decorate with permanent marker and you're all set!  You could also make a fairy house or a tiny doll house! 

4. Give toilet paper rolls an extra life! There are so many possibilities for crafts and games you can create with old TP rolls.  I save them up just in case!  Here I created a sorting game by painting a different color on each roll for my son to sort colored pom poms.

5. Cardboard Box Fun! Kids can have so much fun with a simple cardboard box.  This one was a huge box we were shipped our new set of towels in and it made the perfect rocket ship for him to play in!  I let him decorate with markers and stickers and he had so much fun with imagine play in his rocket ship.  Another part of the box was used to create a car race track down the stairs!  You could also make a boat, race car, play house, play kitchen and more!

These are all ways you can upcycle items to make toys or fun activities for your kids, but what about existing toys? You can make your kid's toys just a little more green by using recycled batteries!  You read that right!  Energizer has created the first battery on the market that is made with recycled materials!

Energizer's EcoAdvanced batteries are all new and Energizer's longest lasting batteries.  They come in AA as well as AAA so you can use them in many of your kids toys, remotes, smoke detector and more!  I think it's awesome that they found a way to create batteries with recycled material to help us take one more tiny step to living a greener lifestyle!

I found Energizer EcoAdvanced batteries in the special battery display by the registers at Walmart.  They also had them in the electronics department.

They are also offering an awesome giveaway for Walmart gift cards!!  Enter below!

GuiltFreeEnergy Giveaway - $1,000 in Gift Cards

Thanks for checking out my 5 upcycled kids activities!  What are some ways you upcycle everyday items into something for your kids or yourself?  I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments!

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