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Jun 28, 2015

Summer Style: Mint Skinnies in NYC!

Last weekend I headed up to NYC for the SoFabU on the road event!  I met some lovely people, hung out with blogging friends and even got to have dinner and drinks with my sister!  One of the big questions bloggers have when going to one of these blogging conferences is always "what should I wear?"  Of course you want to dress nice and look good, but what is everyone else wearing?  Can you wear jeans?  Do I need a sweater?  These are always the thoughts running through my mind at least! Here's what I wore!

Gotta love the classic mint skinnies!  These are from Express and they one of my favorites because they are stretchy and so comfortable! Speaking of comfortable, these shoes are Target and they are probably the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned!  I bought them last summer and they have been at the top of my list ever since!

I just bought this shirt from JCrew a few weeks ago, can you believe it was on sale?!  I felt like I got a steal!  It's light material and really great for summer, and I love the cute design on the front!

And of course, the answer to the sweater question is always yes!  You just never know when they are going to pump up the AC in the conference room to ice levels, or when the weather will take a turn from the 80s to the 60s, which is what happened when we were there!  I'm so glad I had my sweater to wear on our photo safari!

Outfit Details
Shoes: Target // Pants: Express // Shirt: JCrew // Sweater: JCrew Factory

Next week I'll share some more photos from the trip, including our photo safari!

What's your favorite way to wear mint?

Jun 26, 2015

Minor Mom Mishaps!

Disclosure: I'm a Sisterhood of Motherhood Partner and am a sponsored blog partner, but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure.

Being a mom can be a hard job, and like anything we all know there will be many minor mishaps along the way!  To all the new moms out there, don't stress, you're not alone!  The secret is, every parent has made some minor mistakes from putting the onesie on backwards to accidentally feeding the dog two extra times, to driving the wrong way on the highway! (yes, I've done all those things!) Just last week we drove all the way to swim lessons and when we got there I realized I had left his towel sitting on the table by the front door!

I thought it would be fun to share some different stories of mom mishaps to I took to Facebook to ask some fellow moms to share their own!  Here's just a few of the "mom mishaps" for our fellow moms!

I forgot to update the spare clothing in my diaper bag. My 5 month old had a blow out and had to wear a 3 month jumper -- they looked like knickerbockers!

I almost left Eva at a friend's house when she was a newborn. She was asleep in her carrier and I wasn't used to having an extra kid. Elizabeth had to remind me as I was walking out the door to make sure I brought my 3 week old.

Putting a black sharpie in with your kids magic markers. Unless you want permanent wall art in your hallway!
-Jeanine, Mommy Entourage

I took my daughter to school and she was wearing two different shoes!
-Natalie, Mommy Snapped

Totally forgot daughter's school picture day. She has really curly hair and decided to take a brush to it that morning. Didn't have time to fix it. Really bad photos.

When Jackson was 3 weeks old. I ventured to the grocery store with him for the 1st time. Before I left I packed the diaper bag and headed out. Within 5 minutes, he had a huge blowout diaper. I took him to the car to change him and assess the damages. I managed to get all his soiled clothes off and reached into the diaper bag to discover that I had ZERO clothes packed! I searched the entire car and ended up having to wrap him in his big sisters fur hooded sweatshirt and diaper for the rest of the grocery trip and ride home. Oops!
-Chenoa, F is For Family

When Evie was a newborn (like just days old) and waking every two hours or so to eat, Ken would change her diapers and I would feed her and so many times he would hand her back to me and I'd cradle her little butt to nurse and feel just butt--no diaper! Ken would change her, put her onesie back on, and forget to put a new diaper on...more than just once or twice this happened. Middle of the night feelings are hard.

Last night we went to a party at Oliver's school. I dressed him, took pics, video, played w him the entire party...we get home and I realize I had put his shirt on backwards, and it has a pocket on the front so clearly not something I should have missed ha ha!

All I know is that every time I leave without my diaper bag there WILL be a gross mess. I wonder of that's more of a major mishap than minor. Just don't ever leave your home without your bag!
-Noelle, Opera Singer in the Kitchen

Minor mom mishaps happen to us all!  I find these kinds of things happen more often when I am stressed or tired, don't you?  What are some ways you keep your days sane and smooth as a mom?  Here are a few of my tips:
  • Get some sleep!  It's a such a cliche- sleep when the baby sleeps, but it's so true!  When I was a new mom I would rush around trying to do stuff when my newborn was sleeping and then when he was awake I would be so tired!  
  • Do things to help keep your stress level down- workout, do yoga or just take a few minutes to yourself each day!
  • Plan, plan, plan.  When Carter was in daycare I always made his bottles and lunch the night before so I wouldn't be rushing around in the morning and forget something!
  • Write list to help you remember everything!  Mommy brain is real and it's easy to forget things, especially when there's so much to remember!
  • Keep an emergency kit in your car- for blowouts and similar emergencies!  Keep some extra diapers and wipes, changes of clothes and some plastic baggies for trash.

I'd love to hear from you, too!  What minor mom mishaps have happened to you?  What are your tips for having a smooth day?

I am excited that this spring I am partnering with Similac to promote their Sisterhood of Motherhood program!  The purpose of this program is to empower moms by encouraging people to:
  • Accept: Get the world to accept that no one should be judging anyone’s parenting choices
  • Unite: Unite together behind this idea.
  • Support: Support each others choices as parents.
The point of the Sisterhood of Motherhood is to show that although we may be different in our journey and parenting choices, we are all parents who can support each other and lift each other up, despite any disagreements we may have. We are all in this together!  I think the video Similac created to promote this campaign says it best- have you seen it?

"No matter what our beliefs, we are parents first"

Learn more about Sisterhood of Motherhood and follow along with them here:

Similac partnered with bloggers such as me for its Sisterhood of Motherhood Program. As part of this program, I received compensation for my time. Similac believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Similac’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

Jun 24, 2015

Goldfish Swim School in Fort Washington!

This summer Carter has been taking swim lessons courtesy of Goldfish Swim School and so far we are loving it!  I am a big believer of swim lessons and making sure kids know how to swim, or at least get out of the pool if they fall in.  Even if you don't live near big water, you just never know, and it's an important skill to have.

Goldfish has very nice facilities in Fort Washington!  The water is heated and kept at 90 degrees, which is great!  Every time I've been there it's been super clean and welcoming.  They have swim lessons for kids of all ages and skill levels.

This is the changing room area!  I love the decor and bright colors, it's perfect for kids.  Carter loves sitting on the surfboards and asking me to blow dry his hair after class!  They have private changing rooms, cubbies for your stuff and a bathing suit dryer. They also have showers next to the pool to rinse off, which are super warm and they provide kid soap, too.  They really think of everything and cater to kids and moms!  Last week I forgot to grab Carter's towels as we were rushing out the door to class, and they actually had loaner towels he could use!

We started off in the mom-and-me type of class, which I quickly realized wasn't the best option for Carter.  He wanted to explore and be more independent.  So I asked to swim him to the class where he learned just with the teacher, and as a bonus I didn't have to get in the pool, too!  We lucked out, as no other kids were signed up for his new class time slot!  The classes have a 4:1 student to teacher ratio, and there is a lifeguard patrolling the pool at all times as well.

Carter loves his teacher and always looks forward to going to swim class!  He has learned to kick, pull with his hands, climb out of the side of the pool and put his face in the water.  It seems like each week he learns more and improves a little!  Hopefully, he'll be able to learn enough to paddle and kick independently, but that's a big step!

Carter earned his first ever sports ribbon!  He received a ribbon for putting his face in the water and then the next week he got one for climbing out of the pool by himself.  He was so happy getting his ribbons and we've hung them proudly on the fridge! We will be continuing our lessons through the end of the summer, and I see more ribbons in our future!

Goldfish Swim School is located in Fort Washington, PA.  You can check out all the information on their website and also see updates on their facebook page.  The cost of lessons also includes open family swim time so your kids can get back in the pool to practice what their learning, or just play!

Have you heard of Goldfish Swim School?  Did or do your kids take swimming lessons?

Disclosure: I received free swim lessons for my son in exchange for my honest review and social media promotion of Goldfish Swim School.  All opinions are my own.