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Apr 29, 2016

April Photo Blogging Challenge: Vibrant!

This month for the Photo Blogging Challenge the theme is "vibrant." I was trying to come up with what kind of photos I wanted to take to represent the theme, when I noticed how bright the spring flowers looked popping up from the ground! I snapped a few photos of the flowers near my house and the nature and flower theme just kind of continued throughout the month!

Since I take these photos on the fly, they are all taken on my iphone.  I don't normally walk around with my camera, so if I see something I want to photograph for this challenge I almost always use my phone!

1. White flowers

2. Rose bouquet

3. Tiny snail

4. Bright blue flowers

5. White wildflowers

Thanks for checking out my photos for this months photo blogging challenge!  If you head over to PJ's blog, A Lil Hoohaa, you can link up your own and check out the other bloggers who participate in this challenge each month! He post the themes for each month on the first of the month if you'd like to join in for May!

Apr 26, 2016

Paris Long Weekend Packing List for Early Spring!

Packing for a vacation can be a little stressful, but it doesn't have to be! Just think of your suitcase as a tiny capsule wardrobe and pack some great mix and match pieces for your trip! If you're like me this concept is a little hard to grasp, because what if I get there and I want to wear something totally different than I originally thought? That's why a mix and match wardrobe is the perfect fit for packing, because if you just aren't feeling those mint skinny jeans with the white tunic the day you planned, no issues, just swap to jeans and you're all set!

For my packing list for our Paris trip in March I tried to keep it as basic as possible. I wanted to look cute and fashionable, but also keep in mind the activities we had planned! We spent a lot (a lot) of time walking around and sightseeing, and with a 3 year old there aren't a lot of opportunities for fancy dinners out or bar hopping. All things to keep in mind when you're packing! Another key point to keep in mind is to try to stick to one color family, so that it's easier to mix and match.

Paris Weekend Packing List

So what did I actually bring? Pretty much what I shared in the graphic above! I packed two button ups: one white and one chambray. Two sweaters: one longer style and one structured crew neck. I brought 1 pair jeans, 1 pair colored pants (I wanted to have my pastel mint pants for Easter!), black leggings and a sweater dress to round it out. Although the graphic only shows one white tank top, I actually brought several so I would have a clean one for each day! I wore my boots on the train there, and packed an extra pair of shoes just in case in warmed up a bit!

No need to go overboard with jewelry and bags- just bring one nice bag (with zippers) that goes with all your pieces, and two necklaces that you can coordinate with your color pallet.  I'll be honest, I didn't even bring a purse on this trip since I needed to have the backpack to haul around all the stuff for my son! But, as many people probably don't bring their kids on their Paris vacations, I went with a nice black purse for this post!

On the train there I wore jeans, a white tank top under one of the sweaters and my boots. I also brought my winter jacket, because in early spring, there were still winter temperatures! Even if you're flying I would still recommend wearing the boots, because they are the heavier item and take up more room in your bag, but that might be just me! If you are willing to wear your boots on the plane, you can bring a smaller bag for easier travel, or have more room for other things such as your camera and souvenirs!  Don't forget your underwear, socks and toiletries!

The packing list I created can actually take you through way more than a long weekend, if you consider all the outfit options you could make with these pieces!  You could create multiple shirt/sweater/pants combinations, wear the dress with either shoes, or even wear one of the button up shirts over your dress! Obviously this packing list is just for clothes, but don't forget your sunglasses, camera, chargers/adapters, umbrella and passport!

I wish I had taken more photos of my outfits, however it was pretty cold the whole time we were there and sadly I ended up wearing my jacket most of the trip!

  • Stick to one color pallet.
  • Mix and match.
  • Bring comfortable shoes for sightseeing, because no matter how cute they are, you will be miserable if your shoes are uncomfortable the whole time!
  • Take into account your planned activities! 
What would you pack for a trip to Paris?

Apr 25, 2016

Mini Chef Mondays: Berry Lemon Popsicles


It's spring!  And you'd think that would mean warm sunny days filled with flowers and butterflies, yet it's snowing as I type this!  Nevertheless, we can prepare for some (hopefully soon) warm days ahead with sunny popsicles made with berries and lemon!  We are on a popsicle kick here, my son loves them, so it's only natural that we will be sharing some of our favorite popsicle creations here on Mini Chef Mondays!

Berry Lemon Popsicles

You will need:
  • 1 cup raspberries
  • 1/3 frozen blueberries (more or less)
  • 1 container lemon yogurt
Blend everything together in the blender until nice and smooth.  Add a little water if it needs help moving along!

Pour carefully into your ice pop molds, add sticks and freeze at least 4 hours.

Share and enjoy!

Be sure to check out our video below for Carter's directions and some fun bloopers!

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